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Poudre School District Faith Community Advisory Board
Borman, Jan Principal, Dunn Elementary 501 South Washington Ave. Fort Collins, CO  80521 482-0450
Branzell, Kathy District Advisory Board 7713 Park Ridge Circle Fort Collins, CO  80528 266-0492
Cord, Kris Coordinator, Partnerships and Volunteers 1630 S. Stover Street Fort Collins, CO  80525 490-3207
Cox, Tommi Sue Principal, Laurel Elementary 1000 E. Locust Street Fort Collins, CO  80524 482-7117
Dennison, Pastor Joyce Spirit of Joy Lutheran Congregation 4501 S. Lemay Ave. Fort Collins, CO  80525 223-5303
Dickmann, Ellyn Director of Research, Development & Planning 222 W. Laurel Street Fort Collins, CO  80521 491-4062
Huston, Priscilla Director of Curriculum Johannsen Support Services Building 2407 LaPorte, Fort Collins, CO  80521 490-3667
Ley, Jana Member, Board of Education 1400 Beech Court Fort Collins, CO  80521 484-4370
McDermott, Pastor Rich First Presbyterian Congregation 531 S. College Ave. Fort Collins, CO  80524 482-6107
Rubin, Nina Congregation Har Shalom 1120 E. Elizabeth, Building F Fort Collins, CO  80524 221-5554
Seegmiller, Dan Putnam Elementary 1400 Maple Street Fort Collins, CO  80521 484-6261
Williams, Pastor David Abyssinian Christian Congregation 516 Crestmore Place Fort Collins, CO  80521 495-0818
Wright, Pastor Jeff Heart of the Rockies Christian Congregation 6501 Brittany Street Fort Collins, CO  80525 223-1230
Wright, Nancy Superintendent, Poudre School District 2407 LaPorte Ave. Fort Collins, CO  80521 490-3601

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