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Memorandum of Structure

Submitted to the Faith Community Leadership Advisory Board

Poudre School District


Currently, there are four documents that describe the work of the Faith Community Volunteer Program, which falls under the Partnership and Volunteer Program of Poudre School District:

  1. Overview of Partnership and Volunteer Program;
  2. Memorandum of Understanding;
  3. Process and Procedures; and
  4. Faith Community Volunteer Program Partnership Expectations.

The first, as described in its title, offers a broad overview of PSD’s entire volunteer program.  The second document, as described in the document itself, defines “the parameters for this project between Poudre School District and participating Communities of Faith” and, without much detail, lays out some operational procedures.  The third document describes the specific steps it takes to form a partnership between a school and a faith community.  The fourth document, to be completed by a school and its partner faith community, serves as the agreement about expectations between those specific partners.

The Leadership Advisory Board appointed four of its members to propose a fifth document, described here as a Memorandum of Structure.  This proposed document goes further than the Memorandum of Understanding to describe the membership, responsibilities and accountability of the advisory board. 

Memorandum of Structure

Leadership Advisory Board

Faith Community Volunteer Program

Poudre School District

            The Leadership Advisory Board exists under the authority of, is accountable to, and reports to the Partnership and Volunteer Program of Poudre School District.


            The Leadership Advisory Board shall consist of 13 members:

§  Five representatives, one each from five different faith communities (congregations), at least one of which shall be a non-Christian community of faith;

§  A member of the Board of Education;

§  Two school principals;

§  A school Literacy coordinator;

§  A representative/Liaison from the Coordinators Committee of the Faith Community Volunteer Program;

§  The Superintendent or a member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet;

§  Representative of the District Advisory Board;

§  The Coordinator of Partnerships and Volunteers shall serve as ex officio with vote.

§ Director Research Development and Planning shall serve as ex officio with vote.

            Membership on the Leadership Advisory Board shall be for a term of two years and reviewed annually, excepting the position of the Superintendent (or his/her appointed representative).  Each year, a Nominating Team appointed by the advisory board shall meet to evaluate the advisory board’s membership, to nominate officers (at least a moderator and a secretary), and to recommend appointments to the office of the Partnership and Volunteer Program.


            The Leadership Advisory Board shall:

§  Provide program evaluation and oversight to the Faith Community Volunteer Program;

§  Review and approve recommendations for future expansion;

§  Participate in the grant process by working with the district’s grant writer and by watching for additional grant opportunities;

§  Promote public understanding of the program;

§  Hold schools and faith communities accountable to their Partnership Expectations agreements;

§  Respond in a timely manner to the concerns and recommendations of the Coordinators Committee.

            While the Leadership Advisory Board is charged with providing advice to and oversight for the overall health of the program, the board shall affect an ongoing Coordinators Committee.   

Coordinators Committee of the Faith Community Volunteer Program

            The Coordinators Committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day concerns, opportunities, problem solving and communications of the participating schools and their volunteer faith communities. 

            The committee is encouraged to meet at least four times a year to share ideas, experiences, lessons learned, expectations and support of one another.  It is recommended that the Partnership Office schedule meetings, and that a report of each meeting be forwarded to the Leadership Advisory Board.

            Membership of the Coordinators Committee is intended to be more flexible; however, it is expected that the following positions will be invited to participate in the committee’s meetings:

§  Participating school principals;

§  Participating in-school Literacy coordinators;

§  Participating school volunteer coordinators;

§  Faith communities’ coordinators;

§  Director of Partnerships and Volunteers; and

§  Representatives of interested faith communities and schools.

The Coordinators Committee will annually choose its representative to serve on the Leadership Advisory Board. 





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