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Poudre School District
Volunteerism Partnership Project with Communities of Faith

Memorandum Of Understanding


The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to clearly define the parameters for this project between Poudre School District and participating Communities of Faith.  

I. Operational Provisions

1.      This project will operate within the Poudre School District Partnership and Volunteer Program.

2.      Services to be provided: Volunteers recruited from Communities of Faith will assist schools by providing pre-determined services, which may include but are not limited to: tutoring, reading with students, playground supervision, assisting families, materials preparation, translation at non-confidential times, and working in the after school programs.

3.      The intent of the project is mutually beneficial: to provide students and staff in participating schools with additional support, to provide volunteers from communities of faith with the opportunity to be of service in the local public schools, and to promote an inclusive environment in Poudre Schools.

3.a. All partnership activities shall have a secular purpose and volunteers in the activities should respect the religious rights of the students and the responsibilities of school officials to neither foster nor discourage religious belief or activity.  It is not appropriate for members of the faith communities to use their involvement in public schools as an occasion to endorse religious activity or doctrine or force participation in a religious activity.  (U.S. Department of Education: “Faith Communities Support Children’s Learning in Public Schools”, 1999).

4.      An Advisory Board will be formed whose role is: 1) to provide oversight to the project; 2) make recommendations for future expansion; 3) assist in identifying possible issues of concern; 4) serve as an advocate for the project; 5) assist in keeping the public informed. Representation will include Poudre School District, Partnership and Volunteer Program, District Advisory Board, Communities of Faith, and one community member who holds a diverse point of view concerning this project.

5.      Poudre School District agrees:

a.       To provide training for volunteers from Communities of Faith, which is in accordance with the U.S. Department of Education’s Guidelines regarding separation of church and state.

b.      To create policies and procedures that address all aspects of volunteer participation in the classroom and in the schools.

c.       To oversee selection of participating schools.

d.      To provide overall supervision of the project.

e.       To familiarize Communities of Faith personnel with applicable Poudre School District policies and procedures. 

f.        To reinforce the principle that issues or disputes that may arise between PSD staff and Communities of Faith volunteers be resolved at the lowest possible level, following each organization’s respective hierarchy.

g.       To provide in advance requirements for any data collection necessary to effectively evaluate this collaborative project.

h.       To participate with Communities of Faith in informational sessions about the project for their respective congregations.

i.         To keep the community informed through Poudre School District’s Office of Communication.

j.        To provide coordination at the site level through the volunteer building coordinators.

6.      Communities of Faith agree:

a.       To support Poudre School District Policies and Procedures.

b.      To assist in informing participants of policies, practices, procedures and training requirements.

c.       To recruit a volunteer coordinator for each Community of Faith who will oversee all volunteer efforts by that congregation, and who will work cooperatively and communicate with the Poudre School District liaison to this project.

d.      To reinforce the principle that issues or disputes that may arise between Poudre School District staff and Communities of Faith volunteers be resolved at the lowest possible level, following each organization’s respective hierarchy.

e.       To assist in any reasonable data collection required to evaluate the effectiveness of this collaboration.

f.        That all volunteers who have contact with students will undergo background checks per PSD policy.

7.      Faith Community Advisory Board agrees:

a.       To support Poudre School District and the Communities of Faith in successfully carrying out this volunteerism project.

b.      Provide for training and technical assistance as needed.

c.       To support Poudre School District policies and procedures.

d.      To assist in project evaluation.

II. Term

This agreement will remain in effect from ____________________ to May 28, 2004, and is renewable for subsequent school years upon the mutual decision of both parties.

III. Execution

IN WITNESS WEREOF, the parties have caused this agreement to be executed by their authorized officers on those dates acknowledged below.

_______________________  __        _______                      Superintendent                                       

__________________________        ______                        Assistant Superintendent                                                                        

Executive Director of Student Services

_________________________          _______                      Pastor          
                                        ______________________________            __                    Pastor     
                                                                      _____________________________              ____

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