Adult Services

Social Security Insurance(SSI): a cash assistance program to assist individuals with disabilities with paying for basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. SSI pays only for total disability; no benefits are payable for partial disability or short term disability.

Foothills Gateway, Community Centered Board (CCB): Community Centered Boards (CCBs) are private, nonprofit organizations designed to deliver services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Foothills Gateway, Inc. is a CCB that exists to empower and support citizens with cognitive disabilities, their families and other populations, as appropriate, to achieve their maximum potential and independence.

Larimer Center for Mental Health (LCMH): works to deliver high quality mental health treatment, education and supportive services to promote improved quality of life for persons with emotional and stress-related disorders and mental illness. Connections is a division of LCMH that partners with the Health District of Northern Colorado to provide emergency services and referrals. LCMH partners with Island Grove to provide substance abuse treatment.

Front Range Community College (Larimer Campus): services offered include: sign language interpreting for those with hearing impairments, books in alternate format, note taking, learning lab, student/faculty advocacy, ADA coordination and information, academic tutoring for non-disabled students in vocational training, workshops and seminars about disabilities, assistive technology and learning strategies, and basic skills, GED and ESL classes through the Center for Adult Learning.

Larimer County Workforce Center: works to connect individuals with the people and experiences that can help one attain a job or guide one toward a future career path.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR): assists eligible individuals with disabilities to become productive members of the Colorado workforce and to live independently.