School Programs

High School Programs

Alternative Cooperative Education (ACE): provides work experience, related classroom instruction and employment-related transition planning for high school students with special needs. Students develop personal and career skills, preparing them to live and work independently as vital, contributing members of their community.

Professional and Community Experience (PaCE): offers an opportunity for any student to step outside the school walls and explore various career options. The community experience allows students to gain on-the-job training in areas of career interest.

Front Range Career and Technical Education Programs: Career and Technical Education is a coordinated system of programs, activities and learning experiences that connect school and work. Career and Technical Education provides a framework for connected learning paths that all students can follow as they move from school to post-secondary education or employment.

18 to 21-Year-Old Programs

Community Connections: assists students with significant learning needs in the Poudre School District transition from high school to adult living/post secondary education.

Cooper Home: a collaborative effort between students, parents and the community to assist students in moving toward natural supports within the community and the work site while fostering independence.

Supported Employment Alternative Cooperative Education (ACE): provides job coaches and other supports for students with significant challenges as they develop vocational and related skills through job trials, internships, paid work and other hands on community work experiences.

Project Search: a community partnership program designed to help students with special needs develop career skills that they can use in the workplace after they finish school. Students who participate in Project Search will attend classes, learn employment-related skills and work at internships where they are supported through on-the-job coaching and work site accommodations.

School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP): provides counseling and guidance, job development, job placement, on-the-job training and job-site support to assist young people with disabilities to become employed and self sufficient.