Dress Code

According to the Code of Conduct, rules concerning student dress are established to ensure cleanliness, healthfulness, safety, and preservation of a positive learning environment. Not all current fashion trends can be worn to school. If you are in doubt as to whether clothing will be acceptable for school attire, please check these lists:

YES: When dressing for school, wear this:

  • Clothing that is clean and neat in appearance. Torn clothing is
  • Clothing that promotes a positive, safe, and productive learning
  • Clothing that covers the shoulders, chest and torso (shoulders to
  • Tops that fall comfortably to the belt line or buckle of the pants.
  • Clothes that allow students to move comfortably and stretch in all
    directions without exposing undergarments or skin.
  • Clothes that allow students to focus on learning and promote a
    positive self image.

NO: When dressing for school, do not wear these:

  • Excessively short shorts or skirts
  • Halter tops, bare midriffs, shoulder straps less than 2 inches, seethrough shirts, mess shirts, tube tops, or any top without a back
  • Clothing with obscene language and/or pictures.
  • Clothing which advertises or advocates the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco or makes reference to gangs, including bandannas and tattoos.
  • Hats and/or coats. These are to be placed in student lockers during the school day.
  • Sagging pants (pants must be worn at the hips or waist)
  • Tank tops unless a t-shirt is underneath.
  • Dog chain necklaces, wallet chains.
  • Costumes, pajamas, slippers, or bedroom attire.
  • Hanging belts
  • Clothing that shows underwear, the midriff, chest, or buttocks.


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