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Treasures Spelling Lists - START HERE!!! Search (ctrl+F) for the unit and week you want. (For example, if you want Unit 3, Week 3, type that into the search field and press Enter. The first list will be 1st Grade. Press Enter again, and it will take you to 2nd grade. Press again, and it will take you to 3rd grade.) Read the words with your student. Have your students read the words slowly, sounding out the word, then fast. These words should become sight words if they're not already. After reading through the list in this way, go to Spelling City.

Spelling City - Login with dttiger+team number, (for example dttiger13 if your team number is 13). Your password is 123. Pick the list for your student's week. Read words with your student. Use each word in a sentence. Have your student read words, then take a pre-test. Pay attention to words missed so you can spend more time on them.

ConnectEd - Username: P+ID number for 1st grade, p+ID for 2nd-5th grade. Password: same as computer login password. If students don't know their password, tutors can log in using theirs. After logging in, click the Add button. Copy and paste the redemption code from below (your student's grade level) into the redemption code box. This will give you the student's book at their grade level. Click the See More button, then click Leveled Reader Database. Click "Benchmark"and pick range that includes your stuent's DRA score.

Kindergarten: 4TWK-GQ96-HTNO ........... 1st Grade: GNK1-1DVM-554Q ............. 2nd Grade: MW2D-NMC5-GJNQ ........... 3rd Grade: PR5D-EEFV-8H1Q

Personal Educational Press - Create free educational worksheets such as flashcards, game boards, and quizzes to print directly from your browser. Use CutePDF writer and save the PDF in your student's folder.


1st Grade Sight Words:

[Top 100 Sight Words] [Sight Words 101-200] [Dolch Pre Primer] [Dolch Primer] [Dolch First Words] [Dolch Second Words] [Dolch Third Words]

Vocabulary Square PowerPoint Slide - Save this to your server folder. To insert this slide into your main PowerPoint show, open it and click Insert > Slides from files > Browse to your server folder > Word Square Slide.


Literactive -Username: tav Password: 123

Math Weblinks

Renaissance Place

Dream Team Store - Pick products from the list, email them to Mr. Deakin, (rdeakin@psdschools.org). Type DT in the subject box. Include your team number, what you want, and the math it takes to subtract what you're buying from your balance and tell what you have left in your account after your purchase. If you don't follow these instructions, your order will not be processed! Allow 2-3 days for delivery. Delivery will be made during Dream Team time. Dream Team is not responsible for items that are taken away by teachers for being played with at inappropriate times. (Please only play with your items at appropriate times!)