Book Advertisement PowerPoint Slide Instructions



  1. To open a blank PowerPoint slide: Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
    1. Right click on slide background, (not in text box), > Layout > Pick “Blank” Layout
  2. For colorful background: Right click on background of slide > Background > dropdown > Fill Effects
    1. Pick the fill effect you want from the Gradient Tab

                                                               i.      Two Colors- You can pick the two colors and blend them together the way you want.

                                                             ii.      Preset-Picks the colors for you, but there are some cool choices

    1. When you have the color combo you like, click OK > Apply
  1. To insert a picture of you: Click Insert on the Menu Bar at top of window > Picture > From File > Dropdown > tavmain on tavsrvr > Staff > rdeakin > Your Grade > Your teacher > Double Click your picture. (This is at Tavelli…If you are at home, your picture will probably be in My Pictures)
    1. Picture can be resized using corner handles, (which you can only see if you click the picture), and adjusted using the tools on the Picture Toolbar
    2. If you want a frame around your picture, click the picture, click the “Line Style” tool on the Drawing toolbar at the bottom of the window, and pick the style you want. Click the “Line Color” dropdown on the same toolbar to change the color.
    3. Pictures can be rotated by clicking and dragging the green handle at the top of the picture.
  2. To create a callout: Click Autoshapes on Drawing Toolbar at the bottom of the window > Callouts
    1. Callout can be resized using the handles
    2. Use the spell check to fix spelling errors by right clicking on them
    3. Even though a cursor doesn’t show up when you click on the callout, if you start typing your text will appear.
  3. To put your picture behind the callout: Right Click on your picture > Order > Send to Back
  4. To get a picture of your book cover: Start > Internet Explorer > Google > type the title of your book and “book”. > Click Images at the top of the window. > Click your book cover >  Repeat until your picture is alone on a page > right click > Copy
  5. To paste the book cover picture on your PowerPoint slide: Right click on slide > Paste
  6. Make it Pretty: Arrange the items on your slide so they are balanced. 
  7. To Save your slide: File > Save or Ctrl + S keys on your keyboard to save your slide.  (Make sure to save the slide in your server folder.)
    1. Name your PowerPoint your firstnamelastinitialbook.  No spaces.  For example joejbook.
  8. To e-mail the slide to me as an attachment: Start > Internet Explorer > Click the Tavelli Logo > Resources > Outlook > Login with the same username and password that you use to log in to the computer.
    1. Click New tool ()
    2. Type username of the teacher you want to send to next to To: 

                                                              i.      (Type rdeakin for this project)

    1. Type what the subject of the email is

                                                              i.      (Type book for this project

    1. Click the Attachment tool () > Browse > “Look in” dropdown menu > Your server folder. (You might have to go tavstudents > click once on a folder > type your id number to get to your server folder.)
    2. Click your PowerPoint file > Open > Attach

                                                              i.      Your file should show up at the top of your email next to Attach…

    1. Click
  1. Pat yourself on the back for sending an attachment.
  2. Practice sending emails to friends.  Type their in the To: box.