TCKS Character Education


The definitions of our Character Qualities are defined in this table.



Staying with a task until it is completed, even when it is unpleasant or difficult.


Having a clear understanding of your abilities and limitations.


Learning what is right and wrong, and choosing to do what is right.


Learning what our democratic system is, and being ready to help as needed to make it work.


Being truthful with our words and actions.


Being in charge of what we say and do, accepting the consequences of our actions, and being accountable for our own learning.

Appreciation of Other's Strengths and Cultural Backgrounds

Being considerate of others without compromising your own values.


Being able to manage your words, actions and emotions properly, by our own initiative, and without supervision.


Having a friendly, generous nature that builds up and encourages those around you.


Working well with others


Polite consideration for ourselves, others, property and those in authority.


The ability to wait calmly.




So what do these things MEAN to me???  The TCKS Character Education Committee has created a "Door-to-Door Handbook of Character Education".  The intent of this handbook is to document a positive description of desired student behavior based on 12 character qualities adopted by Traut Core Knowledge School.  (Door to Door Handbook)

Download a high resolution pdf version of the Character Qualities graphic, ~540Kbytes : (Vertical) (Horizontal)













This graphic is a summary of all twelve of the character traits on one image. 



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